Release Logs

New updates and improvements to Release.

External Secrets Management

Release can now connect to and access secrets directly from the users AWS or GCP account. Users can seamlessly reference their cloud provider secrets manager (AWS Secrets manager, AWS Parameter Store and GCP Secret Manager) directly from Release without having to copy and paste them into their application templates. This improves security and reduces manual intervention.

Datadog Integration

Customers can now easily integrate Datadog agents directly into Release. This feature improves the robustness of Release's enterprise offering and provides additional connectivity to 3rd party solutions. Users now have granular control over which clusters they have their datadog agents enabled on.


  • Added Identity and Access policies for AWS Shield roles on our load balancers
  • Made modifications to improve the reliability of table creation
  • Improved the UI experience when creating Instant Datasets
  • We now allow account owners to download the kubeconfig file for any of their clusters
  • Improved the invitation flow to add users
  • We've improved the UI in the admin console for receiving notifications
  • Upgraded EC2 versions to support Aurora
  • We've made fixes for refreshing a pool of Aurora datasets

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