Release Plans and Pricing

From startups to large enterprises, there’s a Release plan that’s right for your organization. From dev and test to production and distribution, environments as a service improve the speed and quality of your development processes

Environments as a Service platform for the whole application lifecycle

Release Free

Free to all.
No Credit Card required                               
Pre-Production Environments
250 free hours per month
Production Environments


  • Unlimited users and clusters
  • CLI and web interface access to Release
  • Automatic environment creation with every code commit

Release Teams

Pay as you go.
Best for growing teams and workgroups
Pre-Production Environments
$0.69 per hour
Production Environments
$1.04 per hour


  • Everything in the Free level plus
  • Custom domains
  • Service level agreement for support
  • Hourly billing: only pay for what you use

Release Enterprise

Starts at $5,000/mo.
All you need to manage serious apps at scale. Enterprise-level support and SLAs
Pre-Production Environments
$1.04 per hour
Production Environments
$1.71 per hour


  • Everything in the Team level plus
  • Enterprise SSO and customizable RBAC
  • Dedicated 24/7 support
  • Instant Datasets, environment pausing, expanded integration support including Terraform and Helm

Platform Features

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Release Free
Release Teams
Release Enterprise
Core Features
Number of components
Number of users
Number of clusters
Deploy in your Cloud account
GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket
Secrets manager
App imports
Automatic deployments
Remote development environments with any IDE
Private ingress
Cluster management
Dedicated production cluster
Release cluster
Dedicated build cluster
Predefined RBAC
Advanced RBAC
Custom domains
Helm support
Terraform support
Environment pause/resume
Enterprise source control
Instant datasets
Rainbow deployment
Release self-hosted
Private registries
Docker Hub
Uptime guarantees
Email Support
Business hours support with SLA
24/7 support with SLA
Dedicated Slack channel
Assigned solutions architect
Cloud Support
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Coming Soon
Payment Options
Credit Card
Monthly Invoice
AWS Marketplace
GCP Marketplace

Enterprise delivery solutions for SaaS vendors

Release Delivery

$3,250/month platform access fee
$300/month per customer deployment
Onboarding and professional services
Deploy your apps to customers with specific environment requirements 
Support for single-tenant apps
Seamless app updates for new versions & patches
On-premises deployments

Release Pricing FAQ

How does the pricing work?

Release uses consumption-based pricing based on how long your app is running and bills on an hourly basis.

Is there a per-user charge?

No. There is no per user cost and no limit to the number of users in any of the plans. Add as many collaborators as you need.

Can I get additional support on a pay as you go plan?

Yes. Upgraded support is available for 10% of your total monthly spend (with $500 minimum) in Release Teams. Upgraded support includes production-level SLAs, dedicated Slack channels for your company, and a named customer success manager.

Are all pre production environments priced the same?

All development environment types are priced at the same rate, regardless of the use case. Use them for development, staging, QA, preview as you need it.

When will the usage meter begin?

Immediately. Prior to creating an account with Release, you can either set up credit card billing or invoicing (via an order form the sales team will provide). From there, any environment hour used will be billed at the list price rates.

What if my environment only runs for 10 minutes?

You will be billed the hourly rate listed above based on the number of components in your application. The lowest billing granularity is one hour. 

I want to run a POC, how does that work?

We are happy to run a custom POC tailored to your use case. Your POC team will include a dedicated engineer to work through the details of implementation and make sure you get all your questions answered. The upfront POC fee is $5,000 and it can be credited back to your account upon signing an agreement.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No. For pay as you go  plan, our billing system will collect your credit card information and you can use the product from there - no contract or signatures required.

My legal and procurement teams require a written contract to proceed. Can you provide one?

Yes, though when you create an account with Release, you agree to our standard terms of service. We can provide the terms of service in a PDF for your legal team’s review. If they would like a written agreement on the hourly pricing construct inclusive of the price point, we can provide an Order Form outlining the month-to-month terms. Additionally, to lock in a price point and to take advantage of significant discounts, you can proceed with our annual or multi-year contract (instead of monthly on-demand billing).

How can I estimate my team’s usage and understand what this might cost me?

We use a simple calculator to help customers understand the estimated “on-demand” costs. Share the following inputs and we will provide you with an estimate:
  • Number of developers
  • Number of PRs/dev/month
  • Average time a PR is open (hours)
  • Percentage of PRs that need an env
  • Number of hours devs writing code/week
  • Number of staging environments
  • Hours per week staging environment running

What controls do I have to ensure my costs don’t run up unexpectedly?

Governance and cost optimization are our top priorities. The following product features help our customers govern usage and manage costs:

Auto expiration of environments: By default, any ephemeral environment created will be automatically spun down after x days of usage. You have the ability to modify this setting to any duration you’d like.

Cluster auto scaling: By default, clusters are set to auto-scale as you add and remove environments the Kubernetes cluster will scale accordingly.

Environment Pausing: Ephemeral environments are meant to be spun up and down and not live forever, which ultimately leads to cost savings. However, sometimes environments are needed for several days or weeks. During the in-between hours when the environment is not in use, you have the ability to pause the environments and the underlying database instances.

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