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Now you can test against realistic, up-to-date datasets with speed and safety. Match your application's behavior to production. Creating and maintaining production-like datasets has never been easier.

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Why we built stand-alone Instant Datasets

If you use Release Platform for ephemeral environments you know that Instant Datasets is one of the core features of our platform. We built Instant Datasets for ourselves, and use it as a scratchpad of sorts, that allows us to see a real app early. With Instant Datasets we saved countless hours of rework and bug hunting. It simply makes everyone on our team happier. Now we want to share this essential capability with you. Join the early cohort of stand-alone Instant Datasets users and lock in your free account today!

Because I sometimes write my SQL queries like a monkey.

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Erik L

Developer • Turned CTO

Fixed an issue by introducing a check, but the check missed a filter in the query. Worked with test data, caused havoc as soon as hit production.

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Michael P

Integration engineer • Product, cat-herder

Faked a JSON column in code and wrote tests as Ruby hash by accident. The application expected symbols, but the database returned string keys. Feature crashed immediately.

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Pier-Olivier T

Integration engineer • Botanist

Build a feature and forgot an index. App ran smoothly in development because the table was empty. Went down as soon as it hit production.

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Jay S

Solution engineer • Chef

Friends don’t let friends test with mock data.

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Nick B

Integration engineer • Tinkerer

Keeping that data fresh and having to restore the same backup over and over to get a clean slate was insane.

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David G

Engineer • Turned founder

Without production-like data it’s very easy to have issues due to the discrepancies between environments.

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Dave W

Developer • Marathoner

Downloading backups of over 40GB multiple times into my local machine to run migration scripts was not fun.

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Luiz G

Engineer • Film enthusiast

A query that was not using the right index brought our servers to their knees. But it worked on my machine!

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Jeremy K

Developer • Zookeeper

We couldn't test with prod data because it was too big. We’d release code and pray! If things went wrong, it would take days or weeks to find bugs, diagnose, and fix them.

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Regis W

Engineer • Race-car driver

Back when I worked on SQL databases, I brought the site down by removing a row. It worked with my mock data, but failed in production.

Erik L image

Matt C

Programmer • Turned CTO

Instant Datasets helps you:

  • Easily clone production and other data needed by your environments
  • Test code against real-world scenarios and edge cases to quickly resolve bugs that only appear with production-like data
  • Protect sensitive data with encryption and masking options
  • Reduce storage costs by pausing datasets on  schedule or when not in use
  • Automate your data replication workflows with APIs and integrations
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Production-like data in 3 steps

Step 1

Connect your cloud account

Set up a cloud integration with minimal permissions. Your datasets are managed entirely inside your cloud account.
Step 2

Create your dataset pool

Choose your source data, the number of available databases, and data scrubbing options as needed.
Step 3

Build and test with your data

Check databases in and out how you like: through Release UI, via API or CLI of your choice.
Coming soon
Coming soon

Works with your databases and cloud platforms

Datasets supports all AWS database services: RDS, Aurora, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MariaDB, SQL Server and others.

We are constantly adding new integrations and services. Google and Azure clouds are coming, and soon you will be able to connect your CloudSQL, MangoDB Atlas and other databases.

Deliver high quality software faster

Our customers rely on Instant Datasets to create production-like experiences with their applications all throughout the development lifecycle.

Coupled with the Release platform, customers spin up unlimited production-like ephemeral environments and know exactly how their application will behave once shipped.
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