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Our Team

We are a team of entrepreneurs and systems engineers who've been working on starting companies and building scaleable infrastructure for over 20 years. We also have amazing families behind the scenes supporting us so we can do what we do.

Co-Founder• CEO

Tommy McClung

Co-founder of CarWoo!, YC s2009 which was acquired by TrueCar (CTO/CPO). Founder IMSafer. Software Engineer at RLX Technologies.


Erik Landerholm

Co-founder CarWoo!, Former SVP and Chief Architect at TrueCar. Co-founder, IMSafer. Software Engineer at RLX Technologies.


David Giffin

Early software engineer at Etsy, former SVP Infrastructure at TrueCar. Co-founder, IMSafer. Software Engineer at RLX Technologies.

Chief Marketing Officer

Matt Carter

Matt Carter is the CMO of Release. Matt has spent the majority of his career marketing products and building communities that help developers turn their ideas into software.

Founding Engineer

Jeremy Kreutzbender

Jeremy can be found around the internet as j_kreutzbender or jer-k. He enjoys working with Ruby & Rails, Elixir & Phoenix, Docker, and DevOps topics when it comes to programming. He is a dog dad to Cliff, a dachshund, enjoys hiking and being outdoors as well as playing video games.

Founding Engineer

Regis Wilson

Second most humble engineer in the company. Author, comedian, connoisseur, professional poker player, and voted most well-liked by J.D. Powers and Associates several times in a row.

DevOps Consultant/Account Executive

Jon Burns

Even though he relocated to the Bay Area, Jon remains an avid Boston sports fan. His guilty pleasure is the band Phish, who he's seen over 100 times. Jon is one of the first business developers to join Release, having done so shortly after their Series A.

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Ira Casteel

Ira is a Product Marketer with experience in tech partnerships, product strategy, sales development and federal consulting. She loves translating technical speak into value messaging and finding new ways to showcase amazing products.

Senior Integration Engineer

Nick Busey

Open source developer, bike/board rider, music maker, brewer, gamer, husband, dog dad.

Integration Engineer

Jay Stotz

Former co-founder & CTO of Springboard Retail. 15+ years of experience as a software developer, architect, and engineering leader. Enjoys working with Ruby, Go, TypeScript, and Kubernetes among many other technologies. Pet dad to rescue pups Penny & Cashew and cats Boris & Dolly.

Software Engineer

Jon Dalberg

I've done things - some I'm not so proud of.

Software Developer

Michael Nunes

Construction laborer turned software developer. I enjoy building things whether that be on a computer writing code or with my hands. I play piano and like hanging with my cat, Rainbow.

Software Engineer

Ian Erickson

Software engineer and bay area transplant for nearly a decade, recent TypeScript + GraphQL enthusiast. I'm a native Oregonian and graduated from OSU (go beavs) with a BS in CS. Dog dad to an adorable adopted mini schnauzer named Walter.

Software Engineer

Dave Willet

Long-time software engineer and architect. Triathlete, ultrarunner, golfer, Super Mario World enthusiast. Pet dad to two loving pit mixes and a brown tabby.

Director, Administration

Leighton Roarke

Born and raised on the island of Oahu with a ferocious passion for family, friends, fun and laughter. Anyone who knows me, also knows I'm stuck at 30.

Software Engineer

Lindsey Simard

Lindsey joined Release in February 2022 after spending 4 years at BackerKit. She is a member of WNB.rb, a virtual community for women and non-binary Rubyists, and lives in Berkeley, CA with her dog, Pig F. William.

Director, Product

Michael Poon

Previously cofounded two companies, Twitch developer evangelist, Microsoft Azure engineer. Computer science at MIT. Former Warcraft 3 rank 1 in random teams.

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