Release Share Brings the Power of Release Environments to 20 Million Docker Desktop Users

October 4, 2023
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LOS ANGELES – Oct. 3, 2023Release, the leading provider of Environments-as-a-Service (EaaS), announced today it is bringing Release Share to Docker Desktop, making the company the newest member of the Docker Extension Program. Docker Extensions demonstrates commitment to improving the developer experience by bringing the tools developers use most to an environment where they can more easily focus on innovation and less time on everything else. 

"Release is proud to join the Docker Extension program, bringing the power of Release Share to Docker Desktop,” said Tommy McClung, CEO of Release. “Our commitment has always been to simplify and elevate the developer experience. With Release Share, millions of Docker Desktop users can effortlessly share their apps with just a click. It's not just about streamlining processes—it's about allowing our community to focus on what truly matters: bringing their ideas to life and gathering valuable feedback."

Built by the environment experts at Release and integrated directly into Docker Desktop, Release Share makes your app available to team members, testers, customers and others with a single click. A developer selects a container from their local running images, clicks a button, and then can share the custom URL for their app with others. Your collaborators simply open the URL, and instead of wondering how to get the container image to run, they can focus their time on providing you with feedback on your app.

With the availability of Release Share, environments are now available to app delivery teams across the entire software development lifecycle. From design and development to deployment and delivery, Release environments-as-a-service allow developers to focus on their application rather than building environments to test them, or wait in line for shared resources to free up. 

“Docker is obsessed with developer ergonomics and is committed to filling and improving the developer experience gap,” said Jake Levirne, head of Product at Docker.  “We welcome Release to the Docker Extension marketplace, expanding the applications and capabilities available for millions of registered Docker developers.” 

Docker Extensions allow developers to easily discover and integrate new functionality and additional developer tools into Docker Desktop. With Docker Extensions, they can add debugging, testing, networking, security, and other tools to their Docker Desktop installation to support development workflow and improve productivity. Docker Extensions offer a breadth of familiar experiences that integrate with Docker Desktop so they can speed up innovation without having to learn new patterns. Docker Extensions are built with the developer experience in mind and include official tools built by Docker and the company’s trusted ecosystem partners, giving developers the convenience and flexibility to create workflows that meet their individual development needs. 


Release is the simplest way to spin up even the most complicated environments across the entire software delivery lifecycle. We specialize in taking your complicated application and data and making reproducible environments on-demand. More at


Docker helps millions of developers efficiently and collaboratively build, share and run applications. The Docker collaborative application development platform provides developers with an unmatched experience for an integrated, reliable and secure workflow that accelerates app delivery from code to the cloud. Through a combination of the world’s largest marketplace of components and integrations with leading tools, Docker allows teams to rapidly create innovative applications. For more information, visit


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Release is the simplest way to spin up even the most complicated environments. We specialize in taking your complicated application and data and making reproducible environments on-demand.

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