Test Guild Webinar: The Secret to Continuous Testing

Sam Allen
March 21, 2022
The Secret Ingredient to Continuous Testing Webinar
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Tommy McClung joins Joe Colantonio on the Test Guild webinar to discuss the secret ingredient to continuous testing.

Tommy, the co-founder and CEO of Release, has been building scalable infrastructure for at least over 20 years. He’s also a serial entrepreneur. He co-founded CarWoo!, which was acquired by TrueCar.

If you want to know the secret to continuous testing, including people and processes, and why environments are key to many of the bottlenecks that engineers and developers face, you’re in the right place.

Tommy started his career at RLX Technologies, the inventor of the blade server, which was later sold to Hewlett Packard. Back then, there were no virtual machines, and the way that developers could improve productivity consisted of squishing as many servers into a rack as you possibly could. Then developers had to have software that could make it all work. At RLX technologies, they had installations of thousands and thousands of blade servers.

Later on in his career, Tommy went on to start CarWoo!, an automotive company, which was later sold to TrueCar. At TrueCar, he was tasked with building a new product, and encountered many issues with environments. TrueCar had a very large QA team that was very dependent on environments. It was very difficult to build, deploy, and test code. The idea of continuous integration and continuous testing was not even possible because of the ecosystem and how few environments they had. Later, as CTO of TrueCar, Tommy set out to solve this environments issue so that his team could do true continuous deployment, continuous integration, and continuous testing. 

Tommy has been working on this problem for many years. As a developer at heart, he cares about getting great ideas to the world quickly, and environments tend to be a key ingredient in making that happen. This is why he created Release and the concept of ephemeral environments, or “environments as a service”. With Release, developers can create on demand environments with the click of a button or via a pull request.

Watch the webinar below to see how on-demand environments work. Learn more about the variety of use cases for ephemeral environments: staging, production, QA, integration environments, customer facing environments, sandbox environments, and more. Environments are needed throughout the entire product development life cycle.

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