Release now available through the AWS Marketplace

Tommy McClung
November 22, 2022
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I’m excited to announce that customers can now purchase Release through the AWS Marketplace. We have heard from many customers that they prefer to buy software through the AWS Marketplace, and this announcement means you can buy Release in the way you and your company prefer.

If you are unfamiliar with the AWS Marketplace, it provides a number of compelling benefits for AWS customers. It streamlines procurement and accelerates the vendor onboarding process by allowing organizations to leverage existing agreements with AWS. It enables quicker self-service transactions through the marketplace portal. And finally, it allows customers to fulfill a portion of their contractual AWS spend commitment, potentially attaining deeper AWS discounts. Specifically, 50% of customer's Release spend counts toward their total AWS spend commitment when transacted via the AWS Marketplace.

AWS Marketplace is the latest addition to our deep commitment to and partnership with AWS. Release helps AWS customers build, test, and deploy their apps with speed and confidence, and this further accelerates how AWS customers can use Release in their app pipelines. If you or your team are looking for more details on our support for AWS apps, you can find additional details in this white-paper.

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