Release is going to PlatformCon 2023

Ira Casteel
June 7, 2023
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Join Release for the exciting two days of learning and discovery at PlatformCon 2023 on June 8th and 9th. This is the second year of PlatformCon bringing the community of Platform Engineers, DevOps Practitioners and Technology Leaders together to discuss and share insights around the growing field of Platform Engineering. And again it is a free online event, so make sure to sign up and join the discussion.

This years’ talks are organized into five categories: Stories, Tech, Culture, Blueprints and Impact, and sessions across the all tracks are quite impressive. We are looking forward to learning about the history and humble beginnings of containers from Micheal Irvin, a DevRel lead at Docker, in his talk “Containers: Where we came from and where the future's taking us”. Exploring the complexities of today's software and distributed systems with Gregor Hohpe, a Director of Enterprise Strategy at AWS, in his talk “Building Abstractions, not illusions”. And learning valuable practitioner lessons with Reynis Vazquez-Guzman, Sr. Software Engineer at Affirm, in her “​​Where we went wrong in building a self-service platform on Kubernetes” talk.

Our own Nick Busey will be sharing his insights around evolving developer experiences. He will discuss  on-demand environments as a way of providing teams with a fulfilling development experience. In particular, how you build systems to maintain the excitement and ease of collaboration, as you build out your product in his talk “From skateboard to car: How to evolve your developer experience” on June 8th, in the Blueprints track.

What sessions are you most looking forward to? See you there!

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