Release is going to KubeCon 2023

Ira Casteel
October 18, 2023
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The countdown has begun! We’re pleased to share that Release will be attending KubeCon in Chicago on November 6-9. As one of the key events centered on Kubernetes and cloud-native technologies, KubeCon promises insightful sessions, spirited discussions, and invaluable networking opportunities. Here's a sneak peek into what we're anticipating:

☸️ Kubernetes Innovations:

Every year, KubeCon presents a myriad of newest trends and best practices in Kubernetes. We’re keen on delving into the latest developments and understanding how they can fit into our ecosystem and benefit our customers. See this year’s Keynote speakers lineup for some clues on what will be discussed.

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🔊Discussions and Panels:

KubeCon has always been a melting pot of ideas. The panel discussions and breakout sessions are where some of the best minds come together to discuss the future of cloud-native solutions. We’re all set to participate, contribute, and learn throughout the event. Check out the Program to build a schedule that fits your interests.

👋 Networking with Cloud Native Enthusiasts:

KubeCon gathers a diverse group of professionals interested in cloud-native technologies. We're eager to share experiences, discuss challenges, and explore possibilities with peers from across the globe. As always, there are a number of co-located events to fit any kind of interest.

🎙️Showcasing Release Contributions:

Stop by the Booth N30 to chat about our latest developments, see a demo and pick up some Release swag. Whether you have a specific challenge in mind or are just curious about what we do, our team is there to engage and share.

Don’t forget to register and see you at the conference.

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