Release is going to AWS Summit in New York City on July 26th, 2023

Ira Casteel
July 20, 2023
photo credit: Lukas Kloeppel
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Join Release for a trip to New York City this summer! We are headed to AWS Summit NYC on July 26th and are thrilled to see you all there.  You can find us at the Expo Hall booth #343, as well as in the keynote and breakout sessions, just look for a purple Release t-shirt.

This year the one-day summit is packed with existing content at all technical levels on a wide range of topics like AI and machine learning, analytics, database, EC2 compute, storage, DevOps & developer productivity, serverless, and much more. Explore the agenda with all 150+ sessions here. And if you are in NY a day early, check out the Women of the Cloud event taking place on July 25th, as part of the summit.

While you’re at the summit, stop by at our booth to not only test your (and our) rubik's cube solving skills (and get your own cube!), but also learn about all the exciting developments here at Release.

Our stand-alone Instant Datasets is going live on July 25th. Now you can build and test your applications with near-production data available to you instantly. No more waiting to copy gigantic datasets, or using unrealistic seed data that hides production bugs. Instant Datasets generates and maintains a pool of on-demand production-like datasets available to you when you need them.  And for the initial cohort of users we are making Instant Datasets absolutely free. So sign up for updates and snag your free account!

ReleaseAI is in preview and we are actively working with the early adopters to make it even easier for you to talk to your infrastructure. Join the preview today.

Last but not least, we’ve made improvements to our core Release platform making it even easier to create ephemeral replicas of  your production environment with every pull request, every check-in and for every developer. Check it out for yourself with a free trial.

See you in NYC!

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