Beyond K8s: Introduction to Ephemeral Environments

Tommy McClung
February 10, 2022
Beyond K8s: Introduction to Ephemeral Environments
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Replicating the production environment to pre-production is the key to higher quality code and more frequent releases. Kubernetes is great, but with today’s complex application process, production environments are not just about the application itself. They are about cloud native services such as lambda, databases such as RDS, name servers, and more.
In this webinar, we discuss how to set up your environments that are as close to production as possible and will explain how to do that so that your environment is embedded with your development process, available on-the-fly for developers, all while removing the bottlenecks associated with a single staging environment.
In this webinar, you will learn:

- When to use shared environments and when to use ephemeral environments
- How to set up the right data in the right environment
- About shifting left – bringing production environments to the developer branch

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